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Why photography is so important?

Why photography is so important?

See the beauty everywhere.

If you are passionate about photography it challenges you to see the beauty in everyday objects, to regularly take pictures of what happens in your daily life. Through photography you will see interesting things everywhere, when you least expect it everything will looks magic. It is amazing when you can turn a mundane object into something interesting and capture this in a photograph.

Save memories.

Thanks to photography you save your memories forever, it can be a person or something you have seen in a street, it also can be a place. Through photography you will remember this forever. In this way you can preserve people and events in your life. Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, travels are all captured into images because they matter. Your photographs are your personal story, a timeline of your life filled with faces, places and objects made into photographs.

Make stories of your adventures.

A lot of people nowadays do this on Instagram. Whenever is possible capture your stories on images through a camera. Anyway remember is not so important to share your images on Instagram. It is more important to have your images printed and saved on your hard disk, with Instagram it is possible to loose all your memories in the future. If you save your images on your computer and print them on paper with the purpose of rewatch them your photographs are going to stay with you for a lifetime.

Photography helps you to get relaxed.

Thanks to photography, you can focus on the subject you are going to capture. In this way you can forget for a while any problem is happening in the world. Thinking about the composition of the image, the way you can express the story you want to show through your image, the exposure you need to have to make a good image, this will help you forget your troubles for some time.

Photography get you outside.

Whatever you like: street photography, macro, landscape, you have to go outside. The same can be with portrait photography and fashion photography if you are going to do these outer. In all these cases your passion will get you outside. Photography is the perfect motivation to make some movement, especially for lazy people that like to sit on a couch all day.

You can practice photography anywhere at anytime.

You can find something interesting to make a good image at any time of the day and everywhere you go. You can stay in your city or you can go for a trip, there is always something to capture with your camera to express yourself. You can make street photography, portraiture and any genre of photography mostly everywhere.

Photography helps you improve your creativity.

As you become a better photographer you will learn different way to capture the same subject to express distinct feelings. You will see your subject from completely different perspective. And you may also want to challenge your creativity getting out of your comfort zone and try different genre of photography. In this way your creativity will grow a lot and you will improve your technique with practice.

You become member of a big community.

Doing photography you will have the chance to meet other photographers in real life and on social media. You will also meet a lot of people, especially if you practice street photography. Really often you can start a conversation about cameras, good places to make great photos and so on. In the same way you can find a lot of resources online on website, blog, and forum.

You will learn about yourself.

Photography is about the way you see the world around you. It is about the way you capture things into images in daily life while traveling to other countries and making new experiences. It is also about the way you portrays other people. In fact practicing photography you will learn more about yourself, the subjects that catch your attention and the way you capture them. You will also understand what genre of emotion you like to express through your images. In other words you should let photography tells your stories.

My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph.

richard avedon

Photography and society. Photography is also important for our society.

During the day you are surrounded by images. You can see photographs everywhere, on your mobile phone, on your desk, on a newspaper, at home and walking down the street, into the metro. In other words photography is an important part of our life and of our society.

You can’t deny that life flies by. Photography for us, human being, is an amazing way to document every moment of our life and save that memories forever. You can look back in photograph and remember how special was that time frame captured in the image. At the same time photography documents about our society trough the images of every photographer.

Photography is really an important part of our life and our society. Looking at a global scale we wouldn’t preserve memories of important moments of our lives and history as human being without photography. Really often photography becomes History.

As a photographer you become a storyteller.

As you learn more about photography you start becoming a storyteller. To make photography you need something to say. Through light, contrast, colors, the subject of the image, and all the elements that make the grammar of visual storytelling you are making photograph that have something to say.

The imagination is what makes you transform the reality in front of the camera into a photograph.