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The Fujifilm X100V

The Fujifilm X100V

The Fujifilm X100V is a fixed lens, point and shoot, travel camera. This camera is different from most camera and this is what make this amazing little monster probably unique.

The new Fujifilm X100V use the same battery as before but now with the same battery you can take more photograph. On the market there is no other hybrid finder point and shoot around you can buy.

The lens of the camera is now amazing and brand new, really sharp also making photograph at f/2, the wider aperture you can use on the X100V. Before the lens were quite soft, not sharp as this second version.

The X100V has the charm and the framing of a range finder camera, like a Leica M, but without being fiddly. This camera has a good autofocus with eye-detect AF-C, this camera is amazing also to make street photography.

With the X100V you have got the OVF, you have the EVF and you have the LCD screen which can tilts up. You can also use the LCD screen touching to focus, and sometimes it can be really useful.

I love the X100V because with this camera you can make photograph subtly and discreetly. The camera is sleek, with an amazing retro design. Make photograph with it became a pleasure. Who doesn’t love a camera that you want use because of the using experience you get through it.

The shutter is absolutely silent, the colors and the film simulation are top-notch. The jpeg are really good and retain the details in the highlights. And you have also a built-in ND filter.

About the grip: even if the camera is really thin you get a very positive feel of it, and it is pretty comfortable.

Does the X100V has any flaws?

If the 35mm f/2 fixed lens is not an issue for you this camera is great, you can use for landscape, street photography, portrait photography, and as everyday camera.