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The Aperture Priority mode.

The Aperture Priority mode.

Aperture Priority is a fantastic mode you find on your camera dial. Through Aperture Priority you can work faster while you are making photographs as you choose the aperture you want for your images. On the other hand the camera will set the proper shutter speed.

Every dial mode of the camera is there for a specific reason. As a photographer you should take advantage of these dial modes so you can work more efficiently by using the right shooting mode for each situation.

The manual mode let you control the camera completely. On the other side Aperture Priority make possible to you to work faster, having more time to think creatively. Really often, like in portraiture, is better to work quickly without missing any important shoot. And here comes the aperture priority mode.

In Aperture Priority, you manually choose the desired aperture value. The camera will pick the required shutter speed (and also the ISO value if on auto ISO). The shutter speed (and also the ISO if you are on auto ISO) is determined based on the metering system to get the correct exposure.

In this way you can focus yourself about the depth of field you want for your photograph. And will be easier to separate your subject from the background or let everything on focus if this is the result you want to achieve.

Aperture Priority mode is the letter “A” on most camera dials like the Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony cameras. The Canon cameras denote it with the letters “Av.”

When is important to use Aperture Priority.

When you want to tell a story with your pictures making a portrait, a still life, or a macro shoot you can use a shallow depth of field. On the other side you can find useful a greater depth of filed doing landscape or architecture photography. In all these cases aperture priority will suits your expectations and help you to creatively make a good image in a short time.

While you are working in Aperture Priority mode if you want the faster shutter speed possible you just need to use the widest aperture you have. In fact a biggest aperture means more light coming to the sensor of the camera. In this way you can just open the aperture dial without worrying too much about the settings.

If you want to increase your exposure you have three possibility: 

  • a wider aperture that means more light to the sensor 
  • a slower shutter speed which can give problems of motion blur
  • higher ISO that can give you problems of noise in the photograph

So I think Aperture Priority is amazing. Especially when you are taking picture while light is changing aperture priority is a lifesaver as you can easily and quickly change the aperture value.