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The Fujifilm X100V for hiking (and Landscape Photography)

The Fujifilm X100V for hiking (and Landscape Photography)

The little Fujifilm X100V camera is the perfect camera to use in a world dominated by mobile phone photography. The Fujifilm X100V, like a mobile phone, is the camera you can always take with you wherever you go. However, it will provide you with a completely different experience if compared with a mobile phone or with a DSLR camera.

The X100V is an APS-C sensor camera with a rangefinder-style digital camera. This Fujifilm Camera has a fixed lens of 23mm (35mm focal length equivalent to a full-frame sensor camera) with a maximum aperture of f/2.

For me, this is the camera I can genuinely take with me anywhere; it is probably my favorite camera of all time. With the 23 mm focal length, you can do anything. It is not too wide, it is not too tight, you can use it for street photography, for portraits, and of course, as in this case, you can use it for landscape photography. This focal length is the best all-around lens you can use to capture the mundane.

The design of this camera is just fantastic, with a kind of old-school retro-tech look, and the lines are sharp and clean. In addition, it has a tilt screen perfectly integrated into the back of the camera.

As it costs around 1400$, we can’t define the X100V as an entry-level camera. However, if you can’t afford to buy a new X100V, you can consider buying the older versions of this camera as they are still outstanding.

This camera is so beautiful that I always want to take it with me every time I go out, putting it into a fanny pack. This camera pushes me to take photos every time I can, which is why you should consider having this camera: you always want to use it, which will make you a better photographer. If you use your camera a lot and practice photography as much as possible, you will get better.

The perfect travel camera

The Fujifilm X100V, so compact and portable, is the perfect travel camera to always have with you. You can use it to document your daily life and travels amazingly.
The most important criterion for a travel camera is the size: you want it to be small and portable. I wouldn’t call the Fujifilm X100V pocketable, but it is definitely small enough to travel and take with you every day.

About the lens

Another critical aspect of a travel camera is the lens. You want the lens of the camera to be small and moderately fast. And also, in this case, the X100V win.
Unfortunately, the lens of the Fujifilm X100V is a fixed lens, so you don’t get any option to have a zoom lens as any landscape photographer desires. But a zoom lens can’t be small, sharp, and relatively fast simultaneously. These three conditions can’t be together at the same time. In fact, for example, to be fast, a zoom lens can’t be small. It depends on the laws of physics.
A 35mm full-frame equivalent focal length is extremely versatile and can allow you to capture incredible landscape photographs.

The tilt screen

As I wrote above, the tilt screen perfectly fits on the back of the camera. The design is just excellent. For a landscape photographer is helpful to capture low-angle images comfortably.

The ergonomics of the Fujifilm X100V

The ergonomics of this little monster are fantastic. There is a front dial, a back dial, dials on the top, and a joystick on the back. The viewfinder is a joy to use. The whole camera has been designed amazingly well. Ergonomics is probably more important than all the image quality specs most people consider essential. The ergonomics will affect the camera’s usability; on the other hand, most cameras perform really well in image quality nowadays.
For example, the megapixel of a camera has minimal effect on how you use the camera.

Is the design so important?

Yes, it is! How you enjoy taking photographs with a camera impacts the entire creative process of taking pictures. So please don’t underestimate how this beautiful camera looks and fits in your hands. It might lead to you feeling more engaged with photography, taking pictures more often, and waiting for the next time you can go hiking with this little beast to save memories of those moments. It is fun to take photographs with the Fujifilm X100V, and you won’t regret buying one.

Hiking with the Fujifilm X100V

This camera weighs just 478g /16.9oz (including battery and SD memory card). So it is effortless to take with you everywhere while hiking. Moreover, as it is a point-and-shoot rangefinder compact camera, you can take it with you for some point-and-shoot landscape photography.

Suppose you compare “normal” landscape photography with what you can achieve using the X100V, with its limit about the fixed lens, doing this “different” landscape photography. Using the Fujifilm X100V, you are pushing your limits, seeing the world around you differently without zoom lenses. Therefore, it can help to enjoy the process of taking landscape images differently without carrying a lot of stuff while hiking.

It is a different kind of landscape photography compared to what people usually do. Still, it is a freeing experience, being able to hike without carrying a tripod, lenses, and all the other stuff we generally use for landscape photography.