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The fishing technique in street photography

The fishing technique in street photography

Many street photographers use the fishing technique with great success. This technique can be advantageous and help you to take compelling images, but it requires time, dedication, and patience.

What is the fishing technique?

The fishing technique means that when the photographer finds a location with exciting background and great light decides to stay put and wait for an interesting subject to enter the scene. Once someone interesting enters the scene, the photographer captures the street photograph.

Why the fishing technique can be advantageous?

Thanks to the fishing technique, you have the time to:

  1. set up the frame for your photograph;
  2. position yourself in the best position to capture the image;
  3. set up the exposure

The fishing technique is a kind of passive approach, and if you are starting street photography can be helpful to avoid confrontation with people. However, most of the time you are using the fishing technique, people won’t notice you or will think you are taking photos of something else.

How to make the fishing technique more effective

Remember that, like the fisherman, the photographer sometimes needs to get his fish and sometimes won’t get it. Anyway, this technique is usually worth the try. To make this technique more effective, you can decide before how long you will wait for something interesting to happen in the scene.
For example, when I try this technique, I usually decide to wait about half an hour or one hour, depending on the scene and the light. Then, if nothing happens, I quickly move to another place.

Be patient

Using this technique, you have to be patient. The more you are, the more you can be lucky to capture amazing photographs. While waiting, try to work the scene, for example, by trying different points of view, approaches, and positions of the camera (in fact, by moving it to the ground, you can capture everything from a different perspective).

Take the chance

Try all the possible subjects that enter your scene. This way, you will give yourself a lot of opportunities. Then, once you are on your computer, you can choose the best image of all the ones you captured.

Once you don’t take a photograph, it is gone forever, so take the chance.

Look for contrast in your street photos

Try to use contrast to make your images more compelling. For example, try to have some silhouettes in your images, giving more depth to your street photos. This way, your pictures will look more exciting and punchy, and the more creative you get, your work will be better.

Try to find an interesting spot while using the fishing technique

While using the fishing technique, try to find an exciting place to use as the background for your street photos. It can be interesting for the architectural value of the area or for the light and shadow you can find there. Some spots have more potential for street photography and fishing technique than others. You can look for architecture, light and shadows, or colors to find a good place for your fishing technique.

Try to create connections between your background,your subject, and other elements of the scene

Try to make a connection between the elements of your frame. This way, your image will be more interesting, with more depth and meaning. Try to work with colors, light, facial expressions, and all the elements the street brings in front of your lens. Don’t just look; think about what is happening in front of your camera to unlock its potential.