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Street photography at a museum, let’s go indoors!

Street photography at a museum, let’s go indoors!

What about trying indoor street photography? It is fascinating and an entirely different way to take images. If you go to do street photography at the museum, you will surely take compelling photos.
Taking street photos in a museum, you are in an unusual place compared to the street. People dress in another way to visit art and act differently.
Indoor photography is different from taking pictures with sunlight. Usually, in the museum, you have artificial light, but the light can also be poor, and the white balance can be tricky from one place to another.

The light

The light is the biggest issue taking street photos indoors. So you probably have to raise the Iso to a value between 2500 and 6400 Iso.

…is it allowed?

The second issue concerns whether you are or are not allowed to take images inside a museum. Again, it depends, and you should always ask, as each museum is different.

The camera and the lens

Like street photography in general, less is more about the camera and the lens. Therefore, a small compact camera will work perfectly for the purpose and will be less intimidating to other visitors. About the lens, a good, fast prime lens will work perfectly to capture images indoors. I recommend using a 28mm or a 35mm focal length with an aperture of at least f/2.8. This way, you will also have a small lens that can allow you to capture the entire scene, even in a small place.