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How can you reduce noise in your photographs?

How can you reduce noise in your photographs?

If your photos are not sharp enough or look grainy, you are probably looking at noise in the images you captured.

Use a low Iso value

The main reason for having noise in your photographs is that you probably set your Iso too high. A too high Iso value can affect the image quality, producing noise which will also reduce the sharpness of the image you took.
Nowadays, cameras can work with really high Iso producing images with outstanding quality and sharp enough. Anyway, the Iso value is something you should always keep in mind to minimize the risk of having noise in your images. So instead of raising the Iso value, you can try to change the aperture value and the shutter speed.

The camera sensor

A bigger sensor of a full-frame camera can help you to take noise-free images. It doesn’t mean you can’t use an aps-c sensor camera to make good quality images, but a full-frame will make it easier.

Shoot in Raw

The Raw files allow you to get better quality from your images. This way, you will have more information than with a Jpg image. Shoot in Raw to avoid noise production in your pictures, and you will get as much information as possible from the scene you are capturing in a photo.

Find the correct exposure

Finding the correct exposure is essential to avoid the noise in your images. So if you expose your photos correctly, it will be beneficial. However, be careful with long exposure because it can heat the sensor and give you color noise.


If you try to use a large aperture, it will also help you to reduce the noise as much as possible. Therefore, when choosing the right lens to take with you for the images, consider the maximum aperture value you can get from this lens.

Make a good composition

Making a good composition will also help you reduce the noise as you won’t need to crop your image. Cropping your image, you lose image quality, which, consequently, will make you noise in your photographs.